Who Sings the Song in the Pizza Hut Commercial? Find Melody Behind the Ad

What's the song in the new Pizza Hut commercial?

Have You Heard That Song in the Pizza Hut Commercial?

You know when you are watching TV and suddenly there’s this cool song playing in a Pizza Hut ad? It is catchy, right? Lots of people are talking about it and wondering who sings it. Well, we’ve got the scoop for you.

In 2022, Pizza Hut introduced the limited-time Pizza Hut Melt, a crispy crust filled with cheese and toppings. They’re back, now promoted by hip hop duo Flyana Boss in a recent ad. The duo’s song “You Wish” was remixed for the ad, showcasing the Meat Lovers Melt.

This product, ideal for single servings, includes pepperoni, sausage, bacon, ham, and cheese, served with a choice of dipping sauce. The ad humorously ties in with a lyric from “You Wish,” highlighting Flyana Boss’s newfound brand partnership success.

The Singer Revealed

The song in the Pizza Hut commercial is sung by a really talented artist. Their name is Flynn’s Bosse. They are not super famous yet, but they have this amazing voice that makes you want to listen to the song again and again. The artist has a special way of mixing different music styles, which makes this song perfect for the ad.

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Why This Song Rocks

Choosing the right song for a commercial is a big deal. It is got to make you feel something. For Pizza Hut, they wanted a song that made you feel good, kinda like when you are eating your favorite pizza. The song by Flynn’s Bosse does just that. It is about feeling happy and relaxed, and it sticks in your head in a good way.

The team at Pizza Hut thought long and hard about which song to use. They wanted something fresh but also familiar, something that would make you think of good times. And they nailed it with this song.

Music and Ads

Did you know that music in ads is really important? It is not just there for fun. A great song can make an ad so much better. It can make you remember the brand more and even feel certain things when you think about the brand. For Pizza Hut, the song in their ad helps make the brand feel cool and up-to-date.

Good music in ads is a smart move. It grabs your attention and can even get you to like the brand more. That’s why choosing the right song is a big deal for companies.

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Wrapping It Up

So, that awesome song in the Pizza Hut ad? It is by Flynn’s Bosse. It is a song that makes you feel as good as when you bite into a yummy pizza. It Is a perfect match for Pizza Hut and makes the ad something special.

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