Is True Story 2015 based on a True Story? Hill & Franco Lead in Real-Life Drama

Is True Story really based on a true story?

In the realm of cinematic storytelling, the line between fiction and reality often blurs, leaving audiences pondering the authenticity of what they’ve just witnessed. This is especially true for films like “True Story,” released in 2015, starring Jonah Hill and James Franco. The intriguing title itself begs the question: Is “True Story” based on a true story? Let’s delve into the depths of this film to uncover the reality behind its narrative and understand its critical reception.

The True Story Behind “True Story”

“True Story” is, indeed, based on real-life events. The movie is adapted from the memoir “True Story: Murder, Memoir, Mea Culpa” by Michael Finkel, a former New York Times journalist. The film explores the bizarre connection between Finkel (played by Jonah Hill) and Christian Longo (played by James Franco), a man accused of murdering his wife and three children.

Longo, after committing the heinous crime, fled to Mexico and lived under the alias of Michael Finkel. When the real Finkel, who had been recently fired from his job due to factual inaccuracies in his article, learns about this, he becomes intrigued and decides to meet Longo. This meeting sets off a complex relationship between the two, with Finkel seeking the truth about the murders and Longo seeking a chance to tell his side of the story.

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The Point of the Movie

The film “True Story” goes beyond the mere recounting of a criminal case. It delves into themes of truth, identity, and redemption. The movie questions the nature of truth, both in journalism and in personal identity. Finkel, who faces his own professional disgrace, is drawn to Longo’s story in search of redemption and a comeback.

On the other hand, Longo, a convicted murderer, seeks to reshape his identity through the narrative he presents to Finkel. The movie prompts viewers to consider the reliability of the stories we tell ourselves and the ones we believe from others.

What Happens in “True Story”

The film unfolds as a psychological drama, focusing on the interactions between Finkel and Longo. As Finkel delves deeper into Longo’s story, he becomes entangled in a web of lies and manipulation. The movie portrays the complexity of their relationship, with Finkel oscillating between believing Longo’s innocence and suspecting his guilt.

The climax of the film comes when Finkel finally confronts Longo with the undeniable evidence of his guilt, leading to a chilling confession.

Critical Reception

“True Story” received mixed reviews from critics. On Rotten Tomatoes, the movie holds an approval rating, with critics praising the performances of Hill and Franco but criticizing the film’s pacing and emotional depth.

Despite its intriguing premise, some reviewers felt that the film failed to fully explore the psychological and moral complexities of the real-life story.

“True Story” (2015) Cast Overview

“True Story” boasts a talented ensemble cast, led by Jonah Hill as Michael Finkel, a disgraced journalist seeking redemption, and James Franco as Christian Longo, a man accused of a heinous crime.

Felicity Jones plays Jill Barker, adding depth to the narrative. Supporting roles by Robert John Burke, Connor Kikot, and Gretchen Mol further enrich the film’s portrayal of this gripping true story. Each actor delivers a compelling performance, contributing to the movie’s exploration of truth, identity, and the human condition.

Jonah HillMichael Finkel
James FrancoChristian Longo
Felicity JonesJill Barker
Robert John BurkeGreg Ganley
Connor KikotZachary Longo
Gretchen MolKaren Hannen
Betty GilpinCheryl Frank
John SharianLincoln County Lobby Sheriff
Robert StantonJeffrey Gregg
Maria DizziaMary Jane Longo
Genevieve AngelsonTina Alvis
Dana EskelsonJoy Longo
Ethan SupleePat Frato
Joel GarlandDan Pegg
Rebecca HendersonEllen Parks
Charlotte DriscollSadie Longo
Maryann PlunkettMaureen Duffy
David PittuMarcus Lickermann


In conclusion, “True Story” is a film rooted in reality, drawing from the disturbing events surrounding Michael Finkel and Christian Longo. While the movie offers a compelling exploration of truth and deception, its reception suggests that it may have fallen short of its potential to capture the full impact of this true story. Nevertheless, it remains a thought-provoking piece that challenges viewers to question the stories we hear and the truths we accept.

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