Is West With Giraffes A True Story?

Is West With Giraffes A True Story?

For those who’ve encountered the enthralling narrative of West with Giraffes, the question remains – is this remarkable tale anchored in reality? Let’s dive deep into this literary masterpiece and unravel the intriguing story behind the story. Is West With Giraffes A True Story

The Inspiration Behind West with Giraffes

The creative genius of Lynda Rutledge brings us West with Giraffes, a captivating tale that’s indeed rooted in historical truth. The storyline draws inspiration from an extraordinary real-life event that unfolded in 1938 when two giraffes miraculously survived a devastating hurricane during a transatlantic journey from Africa to the United States.

The True Story Within the Fiction

An event of such magnitude naturally sparked curiosity, leading to the birth of a tale as enchanting as West with Giraffes. It isn’t merely an imaginative creation but, at its core, is a compelling rendition of these giraffes’ resilience and their incredible journey to the San Diego Zoo. The tale melds facts with fiction, providing a gripping narrative that pays homage to these majestic creatures and their incredible survival.

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The Characters: Real or Imagined?

In West with Giraffes, we meet a range of captivating characters, from the young photographer, Woodrow Wilson Nickel, to the resilient giraffes, Boy and Wild Girl. Although these characters are predominantly fictional, they embody the spirit and determination of the era, bringing authenticity to the narrative.

The Journey Across America

The account of the giraffes’ cross-country journey, a central element in West with Giraffes, mirrors the challenges of the actual journey undertaken in 1938. The depiction of the American landscape, the trials faced along the way, and the public’s reception of these exotic creatures are all elements rooted in the realities of that time.

Historical Backdrop

The tale’s backdrop, the Great Depression, provides additional depth to the narrative. Rutledge’s meticulous portrayal of the era’s social and economic struggles offers an accurate historical context, further grounding the story in reality.

The San Diego Zoo Connection

The ultimate destination for our intrepid giraffes in West with Giraffes, the San Diego Zoo, is an integral part of this true narrative. The zoo, indeed, was the actual home of these giraffes following their arduous journey.

Influences from Real Events

The hurricane, the daring transatlantic voyage, the epic journey across America – all of these pivotal plot points in West with Giraffes are anchored in actual events. Through her evocative storytelling, Rutledge has translated these real-life experiences into a compelling narrative that strikes a balance between fact and fiction.

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West With Giraffes Reviews:


While West with Giraffes is categorized as a work of fiction, its roots delve deep into a unique historical event. The novel serves as a tribute to the resilience of the giraffes that journeyed halfway around the world, surviving natural disasters and overcoming adversities to find a home at the San Diego Zoo.

So, in response to the query, ‘Is West with Giraffes a True Story?‘ – it’s a captivating blend of both fact and fiction, offering readers a unique glimpse into an extraordinary real-life event through the lens of imaginative storytelling.

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