Is Marco Polo Based on a True Story? Epic Journey Real Truth

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Have you ever wondered about the adventures of Marco Polo and his journey to the East? The Netflix series “Marco Polo” brought this historic figure back into the limelight, but many are left questioning: Is Marco Polo based on a true story? Let’s dive into the history and the show to find out.

The True Story of Marco Polo

Marco Polo was a Venetian merchant, traveler, and explorer who lived during the 13th century. His travels to Asia, and particularly to China, were documented in a book called “The Travels of Marco Polo.” This book provides a fascinating account of his journey along the Silk Road and his experiences at the court of Kublai Khan, the Mongol ruler and founder of the Yuan dynasty.

The Reality in the Show

While the Netflix series “Marco Polo” takes inspiration from historical events, it is important to note that it is a dramatization. The show blends historical facts with fiction for entertainment purposes. For instance, characters like Hundred Eyes, a blind martial arts master, are purely fictional.

What Happened to Kublai Khan and Marco Polo?

In history, Marco Polo served in the court of Kublai Khan for many years and was entrusted with various diplomatic and administrative tasks. As for Kublai Khan, he continued to expand his empire but faced challenges in his later years, including rebellions and health issues.

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Will There Be Season 3 of Marco Polo?

Fans of the show have been eagerly asking, “Will there be season 3 of Marco Polo?” Unfortunately, Netflix announced the cancellation of the series after two seasons due to high production costs and mixed reviews.

Why Marco Polo Was Cancelled by Netflix?

The question arise that why Will There Be Season 3 of Marco Polo?. “Marco Polo” was cancelled by Netflix after two seasons primarily due to its high production costs, which were reported to be around $200 million. Despite its lavish budget and ambitious scope, the series struggled to attract a large enough audience to justify the investment.

Additionally, the show received mixed reviews from critics and audiences, which may have contributed to Netflix’s decision to not continue with a third season.

What Would Have Happened in Marco Polo Season 3?

While we can only speculate, season 3 of Marco Polo might have continued to explore the complex relationship between Marco Polo and Kublai Khan, along with further expansion and conflicts within the Mongol Empire.

Marco Polo Season 3 Cast

Had there been a third season, we would have likely seen the return of Lorenzo Richelmy as Marco Polo, Benedict Wong as Kublai Khan, and other key cast members. Read main cast for the TV series “Marco Polo” below.

ActorCharacterRole Description
Lorenzo RichelmyMarco PoloThe son of a Venetian merchant who travels to China and rises to an official position in the court of Kublai Khan
Benedict WongKublai KhanThe fifth Great Khan of the Mongol Empire
Joan ChenEmpress ChabiThe Khan’s favorite and most important wife, a valued unofficial adviser
Rick YuneKaiduThe Khan’s cousin and rival, leader of the House of Ögedei
Amr WakedYusuf (season 1)The Khan’s Vice Regent
Remy HiiPrince JingimThe Khan’s lawful son and heir
Zhu ZhuNergui a.k.a. Princess KokachinA servant of Princess Kokachin, who disguises herself as the Princess
Tom WuHundred EyesA blind Taoist monk enslaved to the Khan and sifu to Jingim and Marco Polo
Mahesh JaduAhmadA Persian Muslim from Bukhara who is the Khan’s Minister of Finance and adopted son
Olivia ChengJia Mei LinConcubine of the late Emperor Lizong of Song and sister to chancellor Jia Sidao
Uli LatukefuByambaThe Khan’s bastard son, a general of both the imperial army and the Mongol horde
Chin HanJia SidaoThe chancellor to the Song Emperors Huaizong and Duanzong, and Mei Lin’s brother
Pierfrancesco FavinoNiccolò PoloA Venetian merchant and Marco’s father
Ron YuanPrince Nayan (season 2)Kublai’s uncle and a Nestorian Christian
Claudia KimKhutulun (season 2; recurring, season 1)Kaidu’s daughter and favored child, niece of the Khan, and a superb warrior
Jacqueline ChanShabkana (season 2)Kaidu’s mother
Leonard WuOrus (season 2)Kaidu’s son
Thomas ChaanhingGerel (season 2)A khan loyal to Kaidu
Chris PangArban (season 2)A khan loyal to Kaidu
Gabriel ByrnePope Gregory X (season 2)
Michelle YeohLotus (season 2)A Taoist nun and the designated protector of the Song Dynasty’s boy emperor
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Did Marco Polo Really Meet Kublai Khan?

Yes, according to historical accounts, Marco Polo did meet Kublai Khan and spent around 17 years in his court.

Is Hundred Eyes a Real Person?

No, the character of Hundred Eyes is a fictional creation for the series, although he adds an intriguing element to the story with his wisdom and martial arts skills.

Did Marco Polo Fight with the Mongols?

While Marco Polo was not primarily a warrior, he did accompany Mongol expeditions and participated in various capacities during his time in the East.


In conclusion, while the Netflix series “Marco Polo” takes creative liberties, it is rooted in the real historical adventures of Marco Polo. The show offers a glimpse into the past, blending fact and fiction to create an engaging narrative. As we ponder what would have happened in Marco Polo season 3, we can still appreciate the two seasons that brought this fascinating period of history to life.

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